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I became a care giver to my father who had a stroke. I continued working with them as they aged. My father was a amputee and had allot of health complications due to diabetes. My Mother had dementia. I feel that helping others is rewarding and it gives me satisfaction to know what I due makes a difference. I am proud of my commitment to my family and work and my volunteer work. I am 46 and married and have four grown children and three grandchildren. In my work experience through the years I have done a wide spectrum of different things. I spent many years working in offices doing secretarial work. I spent my youth working as a vet tech. That was very rewarding as I am a huge animal lover. Before doing homecare, I worked for nine years at my children's Christian school as a childcare worker and supervisor for the before and after school program. This was very rewarding as I was able to spend time with my children and also interact with their peers and teachers. Since it was Christian based school I also had the benefits of having Christian coworkers, which was a personal growth opportunity for me. In my time as healthcare worker I have learned about a wide range of things that I feel would have taken many years of school to achieve. I have experience with dementia care, wound care, IV therapy, physical therapy, colostomy care, catheter care, Hoyer lift abilities, I have worked with bed bound people and wheelchair bound people and the legally blind. I have also worked and
I am an RN of 35 plus years, I also work as a Massage Therapist and children's swim instructor. Although my background is in Acute Care, I now prefer to focus on eldercare, Hospice, homecare. I am a calm, easy, cheerful, hands on care provider that enjoys and finds great satisfaction in using my skills, my training, and long history/ knowledge that relates to all areas of the health care field, from hospital to home. -from more involved nursing care, monitoring to simple assistance with daily life. I strive to deliver excellent individual care to both my client and their surrounding environment- keeping both clean, organized and comfortable. Strong assessment skills, training and experience allows me to determine, with the assist and input of the client and family support, exactly what the current needs are, and then provide effective solutions and specific care that fits the client and their situation. I also believe in clear communication, and am able to facilitate that with all who are involved in my client's care, from the physician to family, so that all are working together towards whatever goal is desired-and there is a clear accurate picture of what's actually occurring - whether the desired goal is increased independence, rehabilitation, post op recovery, or simply easing distress and assisting w basic activities of daily living, comfort care. After many, many years as a nurse, and care provider, I continue to enjoy, find very satisfying-delivering basic day to day care, high standard customer service.Background check in process (9/10/18), current resume upon request .