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* The Client is #1, truthful, loyal, on time * Patience, quality of work, dependability, good reporting * Communication, pleasant, patient * Good listener, observant, caring * Don't bring personal problems to client's environment, don't be bossy, adjust your approach to the client * Tolerant, patient, humble, able to work with tough clients * Really care about your job, good listener, involve them in their care, teamwork * Ready to learn, customize your care, client is your priority, use all your heart * Passion for adult care, patient, good listening skills, and cooperative * Treat your client as if they are your own family * Patience, love your work, kind, rapport with client, CNA skills * Love your neighbors as yourself, need to love to work for older individuals, show clients your compassion * Patience, heart for the work, and humanity in general * Passion, client comes first, treat them as you would your own family * Comes from your heart, love for the elderly, listen, don't argue, do it their way and learn * Don't take anything personally * Show them that you care, let them know you are there for them, show them love * Patience, nurturing ability, listen, anticipate their needs, simplify/make things easier * Loving heart, treat them as you would your parent, don't get offended * Allow them privacy, listen to what they want * It's not about the money, loving/servant heart, patience, like the work, problem solvers * Love your job, patience, be nice and courteous, put their needs before your own