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A Professional Caregiver that had been working as a Caregiver for almost 30 years and I have done them all from A to Z. I am a natural born caregiver and I am fulfilling my heart's desire, passion, and calling to work in the field of aging. I am very compassionate, caring, committed, dedicated, loyal, trustworthy, and very ethical in my duty as a caregiver. I enjoyed adding value, enhancing, and enriching every lives of every elderly that needs my service. Caring for our senior population is the highest calling and only takes special people to do this line of work. I am one of them. Studying Gerontology was an eye opening after working as a caregiver for many years and to actually get a formal education in the field of Aging is an added bonus. I have dozens of Certifications, already passed background checks with the California Department of Social Services and on their Registry, carry my own Professional Liability insurance as well as my own Bond besides meeting Carelinx requiremens to be on their site. I enjoyed working independently with families that needs my professional services. My hobbies are Volunteering for Hospice, Long Term Care Ombudsman Services and many other organizations. In my free time, I enjoyed writing, reading, going out camping, meditating, and simply finding the right balance to everything I do. I have co-authored two books but currently writing two of my own that talks about my personal journey as a caregiver and reaching my highest potential through personal development. One thing that brings the greatest fulfillment and happiness is providing direct care to clients that needs my professional services.
*I am still recovering from AML (Leukemia) as of 10/2018. I was diagnosed last year & have been going through a lot on a reg basis. I have achieved remission & I will update my availability & profile soon; I'm very eager to get back to work! Thanks everyone* Hello, my name is Renee. I have been working as a CNA in a skilled long term facility for a couple years now & have also had the chance to work in home healthcare. Working as a professional in the field I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a successful caregiver. You should have a natural willingness to serve & to be sweet. And don't forget to have fun wherever you can and laugh! You have to be able to work with someone on their good days & bad, and to customize your care. Reliability is paramount. We are trusted to work largely unsupervised, & to be there (not just present) for our patients. Life happens, but this isn't a job where you don't show, are late, or call out regularly- these are real people we work with & they're counting on us! Compassion is a must, & empathy. I put myself in their shoes & treat my patients like I would my own family. I became a caregiver to help take care of the elderly & disabled. My friends and family urged me to get into nursing because of my natural caring personality & my genuine concern for others who cannot help themselves. I love how this profession allows me to have a hugely positive affect on people's lives. When my patients see me & smile, my day is made! My biggest achievements since I started in this field would be building on my patience & enthusiasm to try new things & tackle daunting tasks. These traits have definitely carried me a long way personally & professionally. I have a real passion & heart for adult care giving & I hope that I can bring my quality, and customized care to someone in need.