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I believe what makes me a great caregiver is I generally care about the ones I take care of. Some companies tell you that part of your job is not to get close to your clients or patients, that you can't have a relationship with the ones you take care of on a daily basis. I will always go above and beyond for the ones under my care. I always feel and treat them as if they are one of my family members as well. I wouldn't do anything for them that I wouldn't do for my own mom , grandma, aunt, uncle, dad, grandfather. Not only am I there for the client/patient but I'm also there for the families as well. Questions, concerns, suggestions, keeping them up to date on conditions. Communication is big with me on keeping everyone on the same page so that the best care can be given at all times. I became a caregiver because my ex husband was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. He called me from the hospital asking for my advise and help. I left California to go back to New York to help him threw his treatments and all of his struggles. His fight has been long and hard and he has not given up yet on life. Seeing other family members go in and out of nursing homes being neglected , alone, and losing their will to live has been a struggle and I've taken caregiver positions with all of my terminally ill relatives and a few friends. I want others to feel that their loved ones are safe and taken care of when they are unable to be there with them. That's the main reason why I do what I do. The fulfillment I get when I know I've made a difference for someone else. Whether it's for the patient that is passing or the family members that need that reassurance their loved one is being properly taken care of. I enjoy everything there is to being a care giver.
I'm a 47 year old, mother of a college age daughter, and an eight year old son. I have cared primarily for several family members. My first experience with providing care was in 1994. My older sister was diagnosed with cancer . I took care of her during Her treatment, Sadly, the treatments failed to heal her. I then saw her through the last 6 months of her life. Then , my mom was diagnosed with small celllung cancer in 2004. I also cared for her during treatment, then through out the last few month of her life. Also cared for my father from 2012-2014. He had congestive heart failure in May of 2014. I'm currently caring for my mother in law , She has had several back surgeries due to falls. I assist with her physical therapy and memory exercises. She was recently diagnosed with dementia. I take care of most of her general needs. Grooming, bathing, meals, grocery shopping, setting appointments. Transportation, house keeping. I also care for her dog and a cat. I love taking care of others. There is nothing more rewarding as helping those who can not take care of themselves. We will all need someone to care for us eventually . I care for people in the manor which I hope to be treated when my time comes for such a need. I'm currently caring for my Husband's parents but, in need of a second income to support our family. I share part of responsibility with his sister. I'm only available for approximately 12 to 18 hours per week. My availability is as follows. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 6pm to 11pm. Not available on Wednesdays. Also available any time on weekends. If my schedule fits the needs of your family, please contact me. Thank you! Resa Wheeler