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I consider myself a facilitator of healing and learning, which includes being a caregiver. Helping people to achieve their highest level of functioning is what healing is all about which usually includes the process of clients learning new skills. Having been a nurse for 39 years, I have worked at one time or another in almost every aspect of nursing and health care, including many different settings in hospitals, Long Term Care and in the community in group homes, general home health care and community mental health as well as Utilization Review and Education and training. What I have most enjoyed is being able to integrate some of the more holistic aspects of healing and health care into my everyday positions (eg. Nutrition, Stress Management & Relaxation, CranioSacral Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Color & Sound therapy, etc.). One of the most successful cases I have worked on was a little 8 y.o. boy who had suffered a severe anoxic brain injury after being in a diabetic coma. When I met him, he was confined to a wheelchair, barely able to move more than a finger on his one hand, was fed through a G-tube, not able to walk or talk and required total care. It required intense dedication from his family, assisted in their home by nursing, PT, OT, Speech and many volunteers, but by the end of my time with him 2 years later through an integrated program utilizing many modalities, he was able to walk with a brace, his speech was much improved, he had started toileting himself and was able to eat by mouth again, GT removed. His vision was still not optimal, but had improved significantly and he was able to start attending school again. That was real healing which I was very proud to be a part of!! I can only hope to have opportunities like that again.