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I've worked as an LPN for 35 years. My experience includes working with children, teens & adults in a hospital, home care, psychiatric & office settings. I love nursing & I love helping people. But, as I age, I want to cut back in hours & limit my lifting abilities. I'm looking for daytime hours during the week, but not to exceed 16-20 hrs/wk. I'm a foster parent to a teenage boy who is participates in after school & church activities & I want to support his interests and supervise him as needed. While I still intend to keep my nursing license current, I would enjoy keeping company of others who need a little helping hand, yet may offer insight or words of wisdom! I'm a true Libra: I'm artistic & creative, intuitive, patient, caring, knowledgable, love helping others & volunteering, seek balance in everything I like & do, am meticulous in keeping details/being & helping others be organized and enjoy time spent with others. I'm a writer; I love to write poetry and desire to write some books "some day". I like to cook, garden, play with my cats & dog, surf the NET, visit thrift stores & yard sales, make gifts to give to friends & family, cook for friends & play cards or just talk....really just about anything. And I love learning. I read alot & I love to hear other's stories about their life's journeys! I would love to hear YOURS! My time spent volunteering is my most precious achievments. One I cherish the most is that I was "matched" to a 12 yr. old g