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With over 5+ years of working experience in geriatrics my heart for the elderly grew immensely. Realizing how rewarding it can be to serve and care for those that cannot do it for themselves, to be their voice when needed, is something I take very seriously. Providing a service that would better quality of life for many of my past patients/residents is something I take great pride in. I am naturally a happy and outgoing person and make it easy for any of my residents to feel comfortable with me in their vulnerable state. I have excellent communication skills and love to converse and reminisce with my elderly patients. Often times my patients become like close family/friends. I have a very empathetic nature. I am well spoken and eager to please. I think so much can be changed with love and kindness and understanding and I use this in my everyday life and work. I am very friendly and positive and try to brighten anyone's day. I am an extremely organized individual and pride myself on my punctuality. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children and believe wholeheartedly that my experience in caregiving has helped to shape the kind of person I am and mother I am. I am a natural caregiver at heart as serving others is something that makes me feel good. I have been fortunate to take time off work and stay at home with my children. I am ready to return to employment caring for others outside of my home and look forward to serving you and your loved ones.