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My initial interest in caregiving began when I started caring for my Grandmother who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1987. I saw the difference it made in her life to have someone available and willing to help her with the things that most of us are able to take care of ourselves. We take for granted every day that we are healthy and able to perform these tasks. It is a blessing to have someone who is available to help us with these things when we are no longer able to do them. In my time as a caregiver, I feel that I have seen and helped with everything from the most basic needs to the most complex. There isn't much that scares me. I am easily able to let difficulties with even the most challenging clients slide right off my back. I have thick skin and I am not easily offended. When I accepted the position with Visiting Angels (my correct employer) back in 2011, not only was I able to supervise a crew of approximately 65 caregivers but I had the opportunity to occasionally assist with filling in for those caregivers in the event of an emergency. Since moving here to Florida in late 2015 I have not had the opportunity to work directly with clients since my work now is mostly computer and phone related supervisory duties, remotely from home. I miss the hands on care and the one on one relationships that are formed when caregiving. I am very interested in helping to supplement my income while making a difference in someone else's life.