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1.Have been taking care of my 85 year old grandpa, who I currently live with he is widowed, his wife my grandmother passed away 6 years ago I have basically took over her role of taking care of him. He does currently have multiple chronic health problems that require careful assessment and monitoring of his healthcare and physical needs daily. Which I try to maintain to provide on a daily basis.He has the dementia of alzheimers type with behavioral problems. I am also taking care/babysitting my 2 year old niece, have since she was just born, and now following up with her and her newborn brother on a daily basis. 2.I love to help people, I have a very loving, compassionate and caring heart. It really makes me feel good to do something for someone even with nothing in return especially if I am saving their life it is a very gratifying experience for me and I feel good about myself when I do. 3.Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant and getting my first aid license and CPR license with AED for adults and children is something that gave me the gateway to have access to help other people to a greater extent.Lets me feel that I am getting closer to my goal of becoming an RN with pediatrics in the near future. 4.Within 5 years I plan on already having my AA Nursing Prerequisite from seminole state college and transferring with concurrent program to ucf to finish my nursing degree with my Bachelor's of science degree in nursing (BS-RN) or BSN.I want to major in Pediatrics or with