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Personally, I became a Certified Personal Caregiver for the simple fact it's what I love to do. Growing up I watched my mother establish relationships with her clients; she was always so caring and never came home without a smile on her face. When I started different carrier paths, I quickly realized I also held the same love of work as my mother. Being able to help and care for an individual brightens my day and warms my heart. As of now I have been a certified caregiver for three years and have been loving this profession ever since. One patient that I was attending to was a paraplegic. It required me to be at her side for at least eleven hours of the day plus respite hours for the over time when times got rough for her. We stared a puzzle together and it took three months to finish but when we had it all completed, we framed it and hung on her wall beside her bed. It was a huge accomplishment on her part and now every time she looks at our creation she will remember all the wonderful time we had spent. together. I am currently striving to be an RN and enrolled in Collage at PVCC. I am lucky to be the age I am and have such a goal to strive for each and everyday. I personally believe that is why I have my head on straight and enjoy my life. Personality is such a huge part of this job. You have to be willing to put in time and truly care about your patients. One of many things I have learned throughout the time I have been a caregiver is that our patients are in pain and in