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I know how hard things can get when your life takes you down roads you just were not prepared for in happening to you. I treat the people I work for with care and kindness to their situations. I like to be healthy, happy, cared about in a kind manner, So thats how I will treat your elder that needs caring for. I am a certified Healer in body work to help relieve pain by massage Swedish & Deep Tissue and bone manipulation adjustments Cranial Sacral/Ortho Bionomy. While I am caring for your elder, I would be like their guardian angel making sure that their needs are met. I'll always be there for them during my working hours. I simply am that healing angel you called out for in prays to come down and help you. I'm there for you in helping with your elder that needs assistance as long as you need me to be? Under the conditions that we get along and do what is best for the elderly person I'm taking care of. To get to know me just a bit I have raised 4 kids all on my own, I have had 3 careers that I can still work at they just take a lot out of me to do that work on a regular basis. Except the raising of my kids will always be on going never ending work/love when it comes to my kids turning into adults. I am working towards my fourth career in becoming a paralegal. as I like to investigate for law firms. I start class at the SRJC at the end of Jan. 2018 just one class a week as I have finally recovered from a Motorcycle wreck that happened to me back in 2008 that put me on SSDI for the past 9 years. I am ready to get back out into the work force to help people that need help.