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To be a good caregiver it is important to have the diversity and flexibility to care anyone that is in need and when it is needed. It is very important to have compassion and understanding of the care the individual is seeking. Having knowledge of the specific care of an individual is important. It is also important to be dependable and prompt for the client. The bond between the caregiver and client plays an important roll. Trust and compassion is important. All of these together is my ideal GREAT caregiver. How I chose to be a caregiver is simple, it fell into place with undecided decisions. My son had several medical problems after returning home from Afghanistan. I was very involved with my sons medical attention. I worked side by side with all his medical care teams to give appropriate treatment. During his time of recovery and on going treatment, I resigned from my career so that I may provide the care my son needed. With the involvement and attention from the VA, the veterans affairs asked me to become legally his caregiver. They sent me through a quick program at Easter seals then licensed me and assigned me his caregiver. I have really enjoyed learning the different medical attention and approaches he and others need. It came natural to me. Therefore, I have decided to return to college and and change careers to be in the medical industry. I am planning on getting accepted into the RN program at my local college. I have taken a class to receive my certification for CPR. My son is excelling and maintaining his health which leaves me to have time to provide my care to others. I enjoy being a caregiver because I am giving back to the ones that are in need of care. I enjoy the companion, responsibility, and diversity. My personal achievement would be my son. I raised him on my own. I watched him tackle some hard hurdles in his life such as his health issues after returning home from war in 2011.