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I had to take care of my own parents when they both required extensive home care due to Alzheimers and learned then how vital it is to fully understand these afflications and how to deal with them for the best quality of life and dignity and comfort of those elderly. I enjoy interacting with those that have lived long and interesting lives and I recognize the need to return the help and care to them after they have spent a lifetime helping others. I especially enjoy interacting with the family of those elders that I care for and providing appropriate assistance to them also in regards dealing with their elderly relatives and the end of life situations that occur. I have personally dealt with over 15 hospice situations and made the end of life transition smooth and dignified and compassionate for all involved. I have found that through improving the quality and enjoyment of daily life for elderly that they simply do better and enjoy living. No matter what the circumstances, and no matter how far gone they are, they still respond to care and love and appropriate attention and return such in whatever way they are still able to. I spent most of my life working in construction in all trades and all levels up to Management and Supervision. I retired from that sort of physical activity due to some aggravated injuries and found that there is a vast need for compassionate and understanding care and assistance needed for elderly. Since I am not so far removed from the elderl
My career in health care started approximately six years ago as a nurse assistant registered (NAR). I have worked as a caregiver in various health care settings such as Adult Family Homes (AFH) and Assisting Living Facilities (ALF). While working in AFH as a caregiver, I became skilled in bedside care and daily living tasks, as well as monitoring and administering medications per Doctor's orders. However, my favorite part of the job as a caretaker was the shared moments when I was able to provide emotional support to patients and their families. In Home Care patients are generally either elderly or terminally ill patients on Hospice Care. Dying can be long and bewildering, lonely and painful, frequently undignified, and consumed by pressing and unpredictable needs. Thus, my job as a caretaker is to ease that pain and to care not only for the patient but for the family as well. I need to holistically assess and address all psychological and spiritual needs while caring for the physical ones. I must recognize anxiety, depression and help nurturing the grief process, while building resilience, empathy, and optimism. Working as a caregiver for the elderly means a lot to me. It takes a very dedicated and compassionate human being to be allowed into a person's life and a family's life when they are at their rawest and most vulnerable. I believe in my work and I have the recommendations I need to prove that I am a wonderful human being and a compassionate caregiver.