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Hello my name is Ihilani ( E-He-La-knee) I started my caregiving career with my grandmother at the age of 10 when I went to live with her, after her hip surgery. That is when I knew that being with people during their most vulnerable time was a ministry and not just a job. I believe that no matter what age or stage in your life we can all need help and more important a sense of protection during these times. Mind Body and Soul all need to be nurtured when we are going through health issues. and it brings me great joy to know that I able to help others when they are experiencing medical, mental or soul pain or just a helping hand making sure that the quality of life that a person lives is safe and secure no matter what stage of life they are in. While working with a nursing home... My new patient, would not let me touch him. I couldn't take vitals, bathing was out of the question, he was just mad at the world and I understood. I noticed my new patient had extreme dry mouth and was very dehydrated. I asked, "What is your favorite drink?" He replied,I love orange juice and I have not had any in 4 years. "What???" I look at my new patient and said I will be right back. I returned to the room in about 5minutes and my patient says well this is a first. I asked What is a first? He replies back "That you came back" I look at him and smiled, Sir you do not scare me with a giggle and I have something for you I believe you will love.He looks at me, smirks what could you possibly have for me? walking towards him holding a half gallon jug of orange juice with a straw saying " Your favorite drink Sir." My new patient looks at me saying, I will let you take care of me. Remembering this story makes me tear up. We had a great friendship that only lasted for 6months before he passed, but we laughed, he taught me things and encouraged me in my life's journey and while I only had 6 months with him, when I think of why I love what I do I think about him
I became a caregiver because my desire to help others has always been a driving force in my life. One of the things I like about being a care giver is how you have a chance to connect with the patients/clients better than anybody else you spend the most time with them. One of my personal achievements that I am proud of is when I was in the social work field, and I had been able to talk a client out of considering selling his prescribed medications to another client. All I ever wanted out of life was to be able to help others and create music. A little bit about myself... I'm a psychology graduate who has a passion for drums and percussion. In my time during my years at Johnson State College I was part of the Percussion Ensemble and the Afro-Cuban Ensemble, while I also held an independent study studying the neurological and physical effects of percussion recreation activity amongst the senior population in an adult senior center. After graduating college, I went immediately into the Social Work field where I spent a combined two years as a Case Worker working with clients under the Adult Autism Spectrum and having worked to with two seperate mental health agencies. I have a lot of experience in playing multiple roles within my positions at these agencies to help young clients with severe behavioral/mood disorders. In these positions that I have held, I have been part of a team whose goal was to help mentally disabled/challenged individuals learn how to become strong, healt
I feel most satisfied in doing my job when the ones I am caring for feel safe with me. There is something about making someone else feel better that I cannot put into words. My recent experiences have been fulfilling and rewarding for myself, and the client. I pride myself on not only being on time for work but usually a bit early. I take pride in doing my job well and safely. My goal is to provide the best care when, where, and the way it is wanted and deserved. Because I usually take the initiative, the client and the family is put at ease rapidly. I am trustworthy and reliable (and a pretty decent cook, if I might add:) I am strong and energetic. I like the outdoors, walking, sports, and reading. I am a caregiver you would be very satisfied with ( I'm speaking from previous experiences:)) I am dedicated to my clients and their welfare. If you want a caretaker that is there to provide care and not use personal electronic devices while on the job, I am that one. (757) 597-4380, Morrisville, NC. Willing to relocate for right opportunity. I am confident in my abilities to care for you or your loved ones professionally, safely, and compassionately. Other skills include being empathetic, listening, good communication, and transportation. I also possess working knowledge of sanitation, personal hygiene and basic health and safety precautions applicable to work in a hospital setting; working knowledge of infection control procedures and universal safety precautions.