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I became a caregiver when I started attending a meditation centre on a regular basis. There, I met guru Swami Ram over 6 years ago. After visiting the centre and learning about ayurveda nutrition and herbs with Swami, he had a stroke that left him with sequelae in which he required 24 hour care and he chose me to be his personal caregiver. I worked for Swami as a caregiver full-time for over 4 years and for the past year I have been working over the weekends only providing him with physical therapy, personal care to name a few. What I like about being a caregiver is the fact that this profession has taught me amazing life-learning lessons, such as patience, commitment, compassion and the joy of spending time with people of diverse background and ideas. What makes me a great care giver has to do with my easygoing personality, my ability to listen and receive feedback without taking it personally. I am very good at accepting feedbacks and put them into practice, which is something that has served me in my job. A personal achievement has been that of becoming a triathlete 4 years ago, which have tested and challenged my patience and discipline further. After I completed my first Ironman race, I knew I could do more and since then I have participated in several races to raise awareness about different causes. My triathlon practice combined with my knowledge of healthy nutrition as well as my caregiving experience, have taken me to attend college to become a physical therapist assistant.