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I believe I'm a great caregiver because of all the experiences throughout my fire service career. This was over 25 years which included the rank of Fire Chief in two different cities. You're always working around people serving them and having their best interest in mind. During that time I also workwith a gentleman spending over three years in his home who was diagnosed with PSP. This included feeding showering companionship Total Care spending 24 hours a day in his home. I have also worked in a couple other nursing homes and assisted living facilities as a cook. Once again this allowed me to be around the environment of health care and serving the resident. I've also spent quality time in assisted living and Memory Care Facilities working with all kind of residence for different kind of diagnosis. Every time is allowed me to make a bond with all the residents and make it more than just a job but a place I wanted to be. This has allowed me to understand and realize how important it is to have compassion, patience, and a genuine sincerity as it relates to caregiving and home health. We are the ones who help ensure that all of our residents or people we care for in their homes have the dignity, respect,security and safety that they are entitled to and something I believe all of us need to have I like being a caregiver and a CNA because once again I am able to care for people take care of people, and be a part of their complete care plan. More often than not we may be the only ones left to assist them during this time in their lives I am currently a CNA ( Certified Nurse Aide) through 2021 in Texas my home state and have my CNA certification in 6 other states as well. I have worked in that capacity for the last 4 years. I have experience in a hospital setting, assisted living, and nursing homes , home health and long term care.