Suzan W.

$15.00 / hr

By default, I became the sole caregiver for three relatives many years ago. It was after those few years that I knew I would someday return to the most satisfying "occupation" I had ever had, I also knew that when I retired from the high tech industry in Silicon Valley, I would go back to my hometown and fulfill my desire to be of service to others. After living in Collin County for a couple of years now, I have had the pleasure of taking care of two clients and am currently seeking another lady/gentleman to whom I could provide my qualified services. On a personal note, I am an animal lover and a m the care giver to two loving cats. I enjoy computing, reading, research, studying various areas of interest, such as theology and Spanish. I'm a former part-time English instructor at the freshman college level. I have volunteered at two humanitarian entities - the San Francisco Opera Guild, as well as a grade school-level opera introduction guild. Music is my passion, as well as art. I don't do Facebook, so don't bother looking for me there - I feel the art of person-to-person communication has suffered as a result of high-tech, even though that industry is in my blood. Please contact me by phone, if possible, but I do text and email, as well. Thank you for looking at my profile (sounds like a dating site, huh?). I've been a businesswoman for the majority of my life and am professional and confidential in every way. My work ethic is above reproach; I have excellent references and while an excellent multi-tasker, am basically easy-going, love to engage, hear others' stories and about their lives. ... more