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I am a very nurturing and kind person. I am very sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of those around me, very empathetic, gentle, good sense of humor. Treating people with respect is very important to me and I know it is to you as well. Currently I have been serving 2 female clients for one year. My morning client is 97 with visual and hearing impairments, diabetes and mild dimentia. I am responsible for taking daily glucose readings, keeping records of her medical data/appointments/medication dispensing. I cook her a hearty breakfast and we eat together. I introduced her to a game called "WordCross" and she loves to play every day with me. It is great for her mind and is a good social experience as well. My afternoon client has early stage Alzheimers, but is highly functional. I provide companionship, meal preparation for her and her husband, fix her hair, walk outside with her, do their grocery shopping, and occasionally we enjoy shopping/lunch trips together. At this point (starting May 6, 2019)she will need to transition to fulltime care. *** I'm looking for a new afternoon client and hope to set up an interview soon. I have more experience that we can discuss in person and/or on the phone. What made me most aware of the needs of seniors was when my own grandmother was near the end of her life and I helped her daily with dressing, grooming, feeding at one point, and eventually accompanied her through her last days in hospice. I understand how important it is for families to feel confident that their loved one is being treated with gentleness and respect. I want to help seniors to have the best quality of life possible.
Iam a loving caregiver Iam patience,compassion,attentiveness,dependability and trustworthy experience carigiver with a CPR and First Aid certifications ,organized and collaborative teamwork,strong clinical and interpersonal skills ,proficient in caring for geriatric patients to improve overall health and wellbeing This is my High Lights Documentations Appointment management Medications administration Grooming and bathing assistance Life skills training Friendly and courteous Dependable and punctual CPR certification First aid training CNA background Here is my experience Working as a CNA Lytton Garden Palo Alto Ca Cared up to 8 patients Grooming and bathed patients Keep patients clean Documents patients behavior and reported abnormalities or new symptoms to my supervisor Be a private caregiver for Mr Sullivan for 6 years until he passed away in Atherton Ca Assisted client with daily living activities and personal grooming Light house keeping and manage income mail and bill payments Drove clients to all appointments ,picked up groceries and collected medications Travel with clients to England,Mexico,France and the most important things i my jobs is make sure my client is safe and happy I have 10 years experience with Alzheimer's and dementia In 2013 we moved to Portland Oregon and I opened an adult care home and this year I sold it in July my daughter is going to college here so we wanted to move here and stay with her in San Mateo and I still have Oregon area code number my number is 503 810 6660i have 15 years experience with dementia and Parkinson ,diabetes ,stroke,cancer,bed bound,diaper change,catheter,colostomy,wheel chair ,hoyer lift ,transfer with board ,hospice,mentally ,depression,bipolar,I always like make sure the people I take of are clean and well take of and I love e to cook and I can do house keeping too