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What makes me a great caregiver is that I go beyond of what my expectations are to be expected to make sure that my clients and patients are well taken care of and always with a smile on their face. what made me become a caregiver ? Is the experience that I went through with one of my family members being miss treated everyone is not made to be a caregiver ,your heart and soul you have to be in this career have compassion be understanding and loving have empathy and be sensitive . What I like about being a caregiver ? Is that I having privilege the honor to work with those that need help in their daily task or in their last days ,to make there comfortable make sure that they are happy I have met wonderful great people in my career I wouldn't trade it for anything . Its my calling to be here for those that cannot help themselves to assist them in their daily task .I love my job. What have I achieved in my calling ?The trust of my client and families , to believe in me to leave their love ones in my arms and in my care to make sure that they are taking care of to give them the love the peace of mind that they need when they need to go to work with no worries. Letters of recommendations are upon request I would love to share them with you .Thank you for giving me this opportunity and hopefully get the opportunity to work with you and your famly . I am very trustworthy and honest person also very punctual. Thank you for viewing my profile.
* The Client is #1, truthful, loyal, on time * Patience, quality of work, dependability, good reporting * Communication, pleasant, patient * Good listener, observant, caring * Don't bring personal problems to client's environment, don't be bossy, adjust your approach to the client * Tolerant, patient, humble, able to work with tough clients * Really care about your job, good listener, involve them in their care, teamwork * Ready to learn, customize your care, client is your priority, use all your heart * Passion for adult care, patient, good listening skills, and cooperative * Treat your client as if they are your own family * Patience, love your work, kind, rapport with client, CNA skills * Love your neighbors as yourself, need to love to work for older individuals, show clients your compassion * Patience, heart for the work, and humanity in general * Passion, client comes first, treat them as you would your own family * Comes from your heart, love for the elderly, listen, don't argue, do it their way and learn * Don't take anything personally * Show them that you care, let them know you are there for them, show them love * Patience, nurturing ability, listen, anticipate their needs, simplify/make things easier * Loving heart, treat them as you would your parent, don't get offended * Allow them privacy, listen to what they want * It's not about the money, loving/servant heart, patience, like the work, problem solvers * Love your job, patience, be nice and courteous, put their needs before your own