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I served 8 years in the military and have always had a desire to protect and serve. I took care of my grandfather who suffered from Dementia for 4 years and saw just how important in-home caregivers are. I believe strongly in keeping family members in their home as long as possible where they can be comfortable and taken care of in their own surroundings. A family friend referred me to an elderly married couple who were both retired Doctors. I was hired as their caregiver and home manager. I became one of the family very quickly and easily built relationships with not only them, but their friends and family, who were in and out quite often. I am very compassionate, responsible, honest, loving, friendly, and find communication and bonding easy. I am extrememly tidy and keep a very clean home. I am well organized and detail oriented. Before working in-home I worked for Comfort Keepers and in just a few months built such a great reputation for myself with clients and staff that I was promoted to "Caregiver Developer" in order to raise our level of satisfaction in the homes we serviced. I am extremely proud of that and believe it shows my passion for my patients and my respect for the position we hold inside homes where we are needed. Caregiving is not only about the daily tasks that need to be completed in my opinion. It is about helping patients/clients to keep their dignity and stay as independent as possible. I am never in a home to simply do chores on my own and leave. I always like to look for ways to keep my client engaged and participating in their daily routines and interacting with me as much as possible.