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I decided to become a C.N.A. because I was getting frustrated with retail jobs not offering full time positions and constantly cutting employee hours. I had been working in retail for 15 years, and I was confident that I could handle stress, multitask well and always provide Superior Customer Service. I have always been very compassionate and patient, so I thought becoming a C.N.A. would be a great start to a more stable career change. I enjoyed the program I attended through The American Red Cross in Yuba City, CA. The lecture portion of the program was a bit remedial for me, but I found the Clinical components to be extensive with many items to memorize for all 25 skills performed. As I worked with other students in our labs, I realized that this would be a great fit for me. I have always been very professional and strive to have a exceptional work ethic. I have my CPR/AED/First Aid Certifications along with my C.N.A. I started out as a Caregiver through Interim Health Care doing home health. I found home health a better fit for me because I had the ability to make actual connections with people, and more fulfillment knowing that I touched a person's life for the better at the end of life. I don't know what the future holds for me. I have one more course to complete to get my A/S Degree which I may use to further my education. I am currently attending a Pharmacy Technician Program online and will start an externship in 6 months. I think my strengths are: team player, professional attitude(no drama), takes criticism as a chance to improve and lastly follows policies and rules even if I have to ask many times. I have Alzheimers experience as well as Would Care training for severe skin tears. I would prefer to work 12 or 24 hour shifts in my surrounding areas. I will be starting CHHA program as well to add to my experience.