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I left the mortgage instrusty when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. I quit my job to help care for her. It was life changing. She was my best friend and I can understand where families are coming from looking for the most trustworthy and compassionate person that they could find. It's not easy. I don't know why some people are in this field, when they don't have the qualities that it takes to be a caregiver.. the patience, the understanding, the empathy, the hard work, the love, the compassion and kindness are only a few of the skills that these caregivers need to be a special caregiver. After my Mom passed, I helped care for my Dad for years while I worked at an Assisted Living Center. I drove out to his home almost daily to help with his house cleaning, preparation of meals, laundry, caring for his pets, taking him to Dr. appointments and doing his groceries and Medication management. After he passed, this became my life. Yes, I worked at all these kinds of places, but I was meant to work independently with families. I have the of heart that you are looking for. I have taken the CNA course, but I let my license expire, I have taken the EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) course and passed the final with a score of 97% , but I didn't pursue that route. I started college courses to pursue Nursing. I have taken Anatomy & Physiology with a cadaver I, Biomedical Terminology, Psychology I and II and some General prerequisites. I have the passion that has helped me start my own caregiving business in Illinois where I have a team of caregivers. I recently moved to AZ and I have decided to eventually expand out here.