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I have acquired a wealth of knowledge through my experiences, education and athletic endeavors. Throughout my life I have been gifted with the chance to accompany and help many people through critical points in their life. I am very resourceful, creative, patient, calm, quite and highly educated. I have been working with families and seniors in paid positions since I was in high school. I have been doing live-in care for over 15 years. My acquired Masters and PhD in Western Medical Sciences support the holistic care I share as a Yoga instructor and Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant. I find working as a caregiver a priceless experience and very fulfilling. I am easy to get along with and can fulfill a variety of duties. I have included more of my work experience and accomplishments below. Related Experience Home Assistant live in and out 1997-current Exercise Instructor 1997-current Food Access and Nutrition Programing 2015-current Cardiac Rehab Instructor University of Wyoming 1997-1999 First Aid & CPR Instructor University of Wyoming 1997-1999 US Ski Team Gold Cup 2002 Rossignol Nordic Racing Team 1997-2002 Professional Experiences and Certifications Collegiate Professor & Tutor 1997-current Ayurvedic Lifestyle Health Counselor & Yoga Instructor 2002-current Grants and Honors Kripalu Yoga & Ayurveda Scholarship 2012 - 2016 The Ellen Brandt Scholarship Fund, University of Maryland 2005 - 2009 George R. Merrill, Jr. Memorial Student Aid Fund, University of Maryland, 2005 - 2009 Graduate Fellowship, University of Maryland 2006-2004 NSF EPSCoR & NIH BRIN Graduate Stipend, University of Wyoming 2002-2003 Women's Sport Foundation Grant 2000 Athletic Scholar, University of Wisconsin 1995-1998 Academic Scholar, Northern Michigan University 1993-1994 US Developmental Ski Team 1993-1997
The one thing that I have learned over time and has become the most important lesson in my life is that our sole purpose is to help others. We are all connected in one way or another. Having a connection from my heart to another is the best way to care for someone. My life has given me lots of loving opportunities to grow and find that caring for others is a true passion of mine. Life is like a fine painting we all have details in our lives that one can't handled alone. When that time arrives and the need to ask for a helping hand for those things we can not handle on our own that where I enjoy stepping in and helping others. My personality traits give me the ability to be very sensitive and gentle to others. I have been given the gift of being and empathy and feeling other people's emotions very deeply. This allows me to be very intune with other people. I enjoy sharing and learning from others. I work very hard at fullfilling all my commitments and duties to my best ability. I am very straight forward don't like to waist others time. Even tho I'm straight forward I do make it a point to always come across loving and respectful because we are all connected by our actions. This is why I believe I am well suited for caregiving. The reason I started care giving is because my grand father had a stroke. It broke my heart when people would not give the quality of care he deserved but only thought of him as a burden. What I enjoy the most about caregiving is when I know that the care and love I am providing is felt with great graditude by my client and they have a smile that says it all. The greatest achievement in my life would be assisting my ex in saving another person life.