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I became a caregiver because of 2 main reasons. 1st is I believe that being a caregiver brings spiritual treasures that will not spoil or be taken away. As a hospice aid for 7 years I realized that we or our spirit belongs to a place where we will no longer suffer. 2nd I always pray for my time when my body also become old and fragile. When that time comes I will also like to be treated the same way I treated my client, with respect, compassion and care. The thing I like about caregiver is the joy that I get after the client passes away and hear from family and friends that I have done a good job. The personal achievement that I can say was from my last case with a couple in Los Altos where the husband died. I was live-in for five days and at the final days of the client I remained with him all night and called the children early in the morning to come and say their final respect to their Father. And surely it was his last day and the children was so appreciative of it. Just a quote from his recommendation letter "It is my absolute pleasure to write this recommendation letter. Raul is a consummate professional and a kind, loving, attentive and compassionate caregiver. He is worthy of my unconditional praise, resulting from the outstanding service Raul provided our family during the time of need" "The bond of friendship Raul engendered became so rich that Dad missed him terribly on Raul's days off with his own family. He would light up upon Raul's return Dad confided freely"

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Home Health Aide (HHA)

* What are your personality traits or expertise that help you be a great caregiver? I am a positive, fast learning, dependable person, who most of all enjoys helping and caring for others. Through my caregiving experience I have grown to have a great compassion for my clients in their needs. I always try my best to have a balance between a good mix of professionalism and a nurturing, caring nature. I normally tend to bond and get to know my clients as well as possible , normally I'll ask about their interests that can possibly be shared, such as watching a particular sport or listening to a certain kind of music. Since we will be spending plenty of time together, I feel shared interests can make visits more enjoyable for everyone. * What attracted you to being a caregiver? I was once exposed to social and physical injustices that many children, teenagers, and elderly with disabilities were going through. I saw their living conditions, and how unfairly they were being mistreated, it angered me but most of all saddened me. Since then I've grown to have a sense of need to better, and make a difference in their lives. * What do you enjoy most about being a caregiver? I take pride when it comes to attention and detail. I really don't want a desk job; I like being physical in my job and using my body as well as my brain. I like doing work that has the potential to make a difference in someone's life. I strongly believe in karma, and I feel that when I'm older, I'd want someone like me there to help me if I need help. * What is a personal achievement you are proud of? A personal achievement that I'm most proud of has been my time management, as a full time student, and as a past full time employer, despite my busy schedule I was able to maintain good grades, and receive several scholarships to study abroad in Spain this last fall semester.