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My bio might be long, but I hope it will help you enough to find the right help that you need for your loved one. I began as a caregiver for the elderly in 2010 with no experience, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. As I learned the field, I realized it was my calling. It was a total blessing that fell into my lap. My schooling (Bachelor's of Science in Psychology) also helped me empathize with diseases such as Parkinson's disease, MS, cancer, and Alzheimer's or dementia. My own grandmother had Alzheimer's when I was a child, but at the time I was misunderstanding and terrified. Now I understand the biological and psychological reason elderly people can be a certain way, such as stubborn, forgetful, agitated or even aggressive. I have decided that my life should be dedicated to those who cannot stand for themselves anymore, especially because they did so much for us in the past. I still cannot explain it, but I have so much patience for people that need my help in any way. This includes family members and those included in someone's time of need. I am making myself as available as anyone needs, calls, visits, etc. I will be here as much as possible for people who need my help, elderly or not. I have learned in my eight years of experience that I do still need to take care of myself (weird right?!). So I will be willing to help anyone I can but I will say no when I know that I am past my limit, please don't be offended. Right now I am a full-time employee at Lighthouse Assisted Living. I am currently available during the week after 11am, as well as all day Thursdays and Sundays if needed. Please be aware I cannot work Fridays/Saturdays currently because of my full-time job. But I will be able to work with you as much as possible. Please contact me if you think any of the available times/dates will help you as well as my background. Thank you so much for reading my very long "about me"!!!!