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Working in the healthcare field is one of the best decisions that I could have made. I have been licensed now for 13 years and i have worked consecutively through the previous years until now. My hourly wage can vary depending on the needs of the client.I really enjoy working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, i learned how my natural personality can be used in my career field. I've always been a warm spirit person and I love interacting with people. I've always been a genuinely friendly person that enjoys conversing with others and helping others. So, I went into this field without a second thought and without contemplation from day one. At first, I just wanted a career until I realized that it was so many wonderful things that i would later experience and encounter along the way and that's when it became not only a profession but a passion. I've been in the same positions that some of my patients and residents are in which make you more understanding and compassionate when you're helping others. Over the years i learned that what i enjoy most is making others happy and comfortable no matter what the circumstances are i just learned to find the good in things and help others to see it also, even when they're in a position that they may feel that's hard to do. There has never been any type of patients or residents that i could not provide for as long as the proper healthcare essentials are available for whatever their situations might be. One of my personal achievements is that I never gave up and i grew better and learned a lot of things within my field and made memories that I honestly will cherish forever within my heart . I will end by saying that i gained a lot of wisdom and patience from my clients that i will carry for the rest of my life and will be useful within my life out in the working world. Dedicating myself for a better cause made good at what i do and i'm so grateful.