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At the age of 17, I got my first job at a nursing home as a nursing assistant. Out of all the stereotypes and negative perceptions I initially had of the elderly individuals, were immediately replaced with countless experiences which proved that the elderly was not at all defined by their wrinkles or gay hair. Instead, they are human beings with life stories that can change lives and perceptions, make a difference, and perhaps save our generation today. It was then I began to realize and appreciate my passion and purpose in life; which I truly believe is serving the elderly. My family and friends would always describe me as this nurturing and caring individual. I was never expected to have experienced problems or issues that my loved ones would bring to me, but they have always thought of me to be this empathetic individual that could visualize myself in others shoes just enough so I could understand and help them find a solution. Throughout college I gained even more experience working with the elderly as a home health aide and traveling nursing assistant. In 2014, my dear grandmother became very sick and suffered from a stroke. I had just graduated college and did not plan to move back home. Although there were others that could help take care of my grandmother, I felt as if no one else in the family would take out the time to understand her needs, or have enough patience to deal with her. Not only did I move home, but I would sleep with my grandmother every night just so I could make sure she was at peace. My grandmother never wanted to leave the house or do anything unless I would accompany her. It was not because I was her favorite or had experience working with others her age, it was solely because I obtain the qualities and personal traits, as I mentioned above; necessary to take care of my sweet grandmother. This is a small synopsis of my story.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)