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I have a passion in caring for the elderly. I became a caregiver several years ago. I began my journey when my partner's grandmother was diagnosed with Dementia & Parkinson's disease. I decided to alleviate the family from the day to day stresses that come along when your caring for a loved one.. Originally I had just volunteered. What I like about being a caregiver is: I enjoy helping people and it has taught me to not take life for granted. I feel fortunate and thankful for my health. This career by far has taught me to have compassion and how important it is for the family to feel secure with the care provided. I became a bondsman at a very young age and was then licensed as a solicitor for a bonding company. I had my own office at the age of eighteen. I always excel quickly in my positions. Just helping others makes me feel good about myself. Simply knowing I can brighten someone's day. My mother became very ill, and I ended up taking care of her. I know first hand how stressful it is on the family when your loved one is no longer able to function in day to day life. I think how would I want my mother to be cared for. She ended up passing. I grew to love everything about care giving. It really hits close to home and I know how I would want my family member treated if my mother was being cared for. I strive to maintain a positive attitude. Care giving is so much more than a job to me . It has helped me to be more grateful of life and people. I'm proud of the person I am and have became. I am a hard worker. I have integrity, compassion, I take pride in what I do. I'm an outgoing person, very kind ,dependable, hard working, self sufficient, quick learner and adaptable to any situation. I can assure you I am perfect for any position due my expertise, my knowledge, and my experience. I am cpr certified Mar certified and I have had years of training in this field.. If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.
I've been in the field of caregiving 25+ yrs from working with DD waivers (child/adult) disabilities, assisting elderly in home health plus assisted living environments. I've received multiple certifications in CRP/FIRST AIDE, & MEDICATIONS, & many more. Any kind of hand over hand assistance requirements rather online or in person I've kept up to date personally & responsibly. I HAVEN'T ANY ISSUES WITH LIFTING PROPERLY & TRANSFERRING individuals, I am fully trained in this area. I've dedicated my life to fulfilling job tasks well doing something I REALLY enjoy most, helping others with daily life skills their unable to do alone, including providing companionship. I've learned being on time, reliability, & dedication is a priority through out my years of experience. I'm very proud of what I've learned so far and I've got plans to learn more everyday. One of my main achievements is watching , over viewing & loving an individuals day to day progress. As I grow with knowledge & age it's not always a JOB, it's being a positive inspiration & motivator to others in a time of need. I treat others they way i would want to be treated, & well working i always create a bond with my patients as if their family however still acknowledging there are boundaries being the employee. Meeting new people an being a team player gives me so much gratitude towards this profession I've established for so many years. I always attempt to apply availability PRN (as needed) in case of last minute emergencies being ON CALL. Flexibility variates (I try NOT to do overnights ONLY) however I have no problem with trying just to meet the needs of others and their families. I look forward to meeting you all & providing services to the best of my ability. THANK YOU, LETICIA WILLIAMS