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Hello my name is Susana , And I am a loving , nurturing caregiver with over 12 Yrs. I didn't start as a caregiver though , I worked as an interior designer making floor plans and helping clientes achieve a atmosphere that would suit their lifestyle and professions . During this time I was told about a lawyer who was desperately In need of someone caring for her mom . It was a season in where work was slow and seeing the need I offered to care for the lawyers mom. I took care of her for two yrs until the mom was placed in a facility cause she needed 24 hr care . During the time of caring for her I was complimented by nurses and social workers and I discovered I loved to care for the elderly and people in need , so I have been doing this since . I love my job and I take care of my clients as if they were my own parent I make sure My clients needs are met and I do my job with pride and excellency . My experience as a caregiver are as followers : Bathing , dressing, grooming , assit to ambulate using a guard belt , assist w/walker , toileting, assist with exsercise, Use of hoyer lift , assisting w/ bedwounds, Medicine Reminder as well as giving it , Meal preparation , taking blood pressure , sugar count , light house keeping , companion , very good at giving emotional Support etc.. I am very attentive to detail , I'm responsible , reliable and very passionate about my work. I have had a background check . Have very good references and contact numbers as well . I'm experienced caring for clients with : Stroke , wheelchair , bedridden , diabetes, Dementia , quadriplegic, high blood pressure etc.. Please consider me . Your loved one will be in good hands . Thank you ! Susana (860) 502-7649
When I was younger I took care of my granny then my grandma when she got sick. I've had such a passion for helping ones who've once helped us. The amount of gratitude that comes from the eyes of the helped ones fuels the love and compassion I've always had even as a child. I become the loved one trying to achieve their goals. I also have the same goals, their struggle is my strength and my will and desire to help even more. I am a strong willing worker. I strive to make my work an accomplishment. Im a very quick learner. I look for patterns and common likes and dislikes, little things that make their day go by easier. I worked hard at a nursing home that trained me in hospice , memory care , the rehab facility as well as assisted living( resident aid , med cart showdeowee ). left there to care for one gentalman in sarasota ( live-in caregiver ) I became family. He passed recently and ive taken it really hard ive bounced from job to job ( caregiving- private care -friends of friends ) not becasue I couldn't do it anymore it just was hard to think I wasnt working for him anymore. I have recollected my self and became an even better person /caregiver/ companion. The amount of love behind every ( client, family member , loved ones ) fuels me. I have a humongous heart. I've become experienced in every day to day living. Over night care , lifting , bathing , housekeeping, errands as well as medicine administrations. I have a very strong will to work and not leave till the job is 100% complete. I'm a very loyal , dedicated worked. I become family.