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Taking care of other people had been for me both a childhood passion and an adult dream-For I hope to one day be a nurse. This is why I took classes in CNA believing that this will lead me ultimately to achieving my life dreams. I have since taken two semesters in psychiatric technician studies, and have taken some pre-RN classes. I have also completed my LVN Program at the Fresno Adult School and look forward to enrolling for my RN classes. For four years and more, I have dedicated myself to serving others and acquiring skills that continually enabled me to do so, either at work as a direct support professional, at school as a CNA, in various clinical environments as a patient advocate and care giver, or at vocational training as a licensed nurse. I have since worked as a psychiatric technician asistant working with the mentally sick and am now an administrator working with children with varying degrees of autistic disorders and mental challenges The patient's safety and comfort had always been my focus as I taught them skills for coping with their ADL'S and individual development. I derived satisfaction in assisting someone to go through many a difficult day without loosing their dignity, others to cope with the saddening feeling of emptiness at the loss of loved ones, and yet I had shared pleasurable moments with those in my care on occasions when life beamed a smile on them. Many had learnt new things each day as I worked alongside my colleagues, teaching, a