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I personally became a caregiver for the opportunity of changes that were going on in my life at the time. My husband was diabetic and I had been caring for him. He has since passed away 4 years now. I've always related well with the elderly, perhaps alot to do with my father who was 20 years older than my mother. I kinda grew up with a grandfather I guess you could say. I also was married 14 years to my husband whom was 16 years my senior. I enjoy the company of others the stories they do tell fascinate me. I've always been very domesticated in all the work I've had in the past. Starting at the age of 15 with house cleaning with my neighbor. I continued out on my own with a cleaning business that lasted until my husband became to ill for me to continue at 100%. I had taken on caregiving two years prior, and after 30 years of cleaning something had to give, so I chose to stay with the caregiving. Although after cleaning for most of the clients I had 15 years plus, it was a very difficult decision to be made. They were like family to me and most still are. I enjoy helping others no matter the age or difficulties they may have. I've done care for diabetics, stroke, cancer, vascular brain disease, Alzheimers ,dementia parkinson patients. On occasion hospice care also. Ive lost my father, mother and now my husband to death, and although difficult at times I never seem to give up. I'm very dependable, honest, loving, caring and very passionate about the work I do. Really would love to get with a family long term if possible. Thanks for ur consideration. Sincerely, Teresa