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Hello my name. Is Traci, I have been in the medical field for 26 years. I started as a CNA when I was 17. I work in a skilled nursing facility for 8 years. During the home care part time. After 8doing the home care field area for a couple years, I fell in love with home care and left the nursing facility. I then continued doing the home care until. In 2003 to 2004, I decided to go back to school to futher my career. I went to school to become a CMA & a Phlebotomist. I have three childern oldest my daughter 24yrs old and married. My twin boys 17 yrs old. moved to NC shortly after graduating. I worked at Central Prision as a Phlebotomist for 9 months, I left because I no longer felt safe in that enviorment. I did work for a heart & Vascular Dr. as a CMA for 2 years. I just wasn't happy, I realized that my true passion was Home Care. So once again I went back to Home Care. I have been doing home care since 2011. I believe that the elderly no matter what illness they may have being with loved ones they have that quality of life. They also may feel that they still have some ferling that they have control of there life even a little bit. They one on one care they get that personal attenion. That' why I love the Home Care field is because I can give that personal attening the client needs and make a difference even just for a day. I know that I made a difference in there life. I have the most exerience with Alzhimers and Damentia Clients. I have do have expeience with other illnesses that I have come across over my many years in the home care field. I have experience with transferring, daily hygiene, preparing meals, assitanace with feeding, medication management and so many other things I am willing to help your loved one. I have a copy of my Driving Records, Insurance Cards, DL, Schools Transcripts, SS number and my last two references (for privacy numbers given until on intervie) Thank for your time an concideration.