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Please note that I'm new to this site, will complete back round check Friday 11/18. Thank you for your time. Helping wonderful people continue to fill out their daily needs is a great blessing to be a part of. Either the individual needs a lot of care or just minor help with activities around the house. There is no limit to the extent of care I give! I have 2 years exspirence, ranging from minor help, medical treatments, to hospice, with 4 different clients I rotated care for. I am a very hard working person and with that a very nurturing one that cares highly about others well being. I am a proud mother of three children and looking forward to continue what I do best and that is being needed for your loved ones as well, it gives me a great since of pride similar to taking care of my own family. I'm a very honest person about everything, very compassionate, sympathetic to everyone. When ever, where ever I'm needed and then some. I'm responsive and devoted! I can only prove these qualities in person and I hope to meet a good family like my last one real soon, my last client is healed and healthy again and I'm no longer needed sadly beside over for lunch now and then :) The special person in your life will feel loved, valued and appreciated! Example of duties; hygiene care -showering/ washing etc. House keeping. Exspirence with people with little mobility, I'm trained to safely move from bed, toilet, wheel chair, car etc. Transportation (have own car)to doctor appointments. Grocery shopping. Medications; timely and accurate. Physical therapy; stern, but understanding, Physical movement I believe is important for over all health and happiness! Cooking and meals; diet goes hand in hand with exercise! Special diet or meal preparation is not a problem! Im willing and able to be there for loved ones where it's sometimes very difficult for others to do so! I'm highly reliable and will be there every time I am needed, no excuses!