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I'm a peoples person I love meeting new people. I been taking care of my grandmother for a while so I decided it to make a living out of it so so therefore I can get more experience. I love making people smile and remind them everyday that they are blessed. What I enjoy most about being a caregiver is that I get to brighten people days you never know what a person is going through until you be around them and you can make ways to encourage them to do better. Like I have a set schedule when I come around people that I'm working with and it's best for them to have a set schedule so they won't fall out track definitely a person who has dementia. After working with a person that has dementia I see that it's best to try to keep them on track with the past and present kind of make it all a leveled out. And people Jets diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia is best to try to light learn how to keep them come and do things that they love and that's what makes them happy. When a patient see that you know stuff about them that makes their day the small thing counts. The achievements that I am happy about with myself with this field is been able to learn how to handle people that schizophrenia people that has dementia and people that that's not able to help themselves I have achieved so much I have three years of experience and it's been an awesome time I'll take this job before I take any other job my first job was sales and that was a good job that I had in the past but this job tops that completely. I love making people happy and getting them to see life a different way.