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Intelligent, empathetic graduate nurse seeks registered nurse caregiver position. Recognized for exceptional patient care by staff and clients in the units of geriatric, psychiatric, med-surgical, and infusion unit. Able to bring innovation in the aptitudes of patient care, safety, and promotion in well-being! Nursing has always been a profession that I wanted to pursue. I've always been interested in the nursing field ever since I could grasp the concept of healthcare. When I was a child I idolized the work ethics of my parents. My mother was a nurse and her caring and knowledgeable charisma were qualities that I wanted to see in myself. My father was a headmaster of a school for children with learning disabilities which generated my interest in mental health. I admired the strong experience my parents had in both physical and mental health. From seeing such perseverance from my parents to help mankind, I became attracted to medical books at an early age and thought how wonderful it was for people to want to help one another. Reading about the treatments and care nurses provide to others was something I desired to contribute to when I became an adult. In my college career I have received recognition and scholarships for going above and beyond in professional volunteering organizations and schoolwork. I have been thoroughly dedicated to my studies and have graduated with a 3.94 GPA. I was also appointed Vice-President of the Student Nurses Association (SNA) of Yavapai College. This leadership opportunity in the SNA has made me comfortable with a management role when future opportunities arise. I still maintain a 4.0 GPA in my current scholastic career at the University of Texas at Arlington. I am further committed to the holistic care of patients. I'll uphold the goals and values of the clients I provide for while pursuing innovative ideas to promote the best quality of life that can be attained.
I am careful, safe, organized and coordinated in transporting clients for their needs whether it is for picking up medications, getting them to and from their appointments, filling out forms, helping with their shopping, all personal care service for their daily living for and anytime they want some simple conversation and just not be alone. To give and share with clients, one must be compassionate and patient and have an understanding that those needing care would like for the caregiver to understand their needs. There happens to be an advantage to being a caregiver that can put themselves in the shoes and situation of those with the need. My joy is realized when the needs are filled and the cared for people are grateful and thankful. I want to give the care and experience the joy often. I have experienced this joy with my parents as I cared for them. Currently I am a part-time caregiver for various clients providing them all the assistance they may need. Professional and courteous, always on time. Administering medication and food through a gastric tube. Bathing and attending to other personal hygiene and grooming needs. Food preparation and feeding client, according to strict dietary requirements and procedures Cleaning and light housekeeping (client's laundry, dishwashing, cleaning spaces used by client and caregivers, cleaning therapy equipment) Assisting with therapies (cognitive, speech, occupational) and range-of-motion exercises, including manual transfers to and from bed to assist client with weight-bearing and balance exercises. General companionship and interaction with client (i.e. reading books, cognitive therapies). Driving client to and from appointments and activities in a client-provided wheelchair accessible van.
I'm a caring, compassionate person that sees my job not just as a job but a commitment with great responsibility. Helping to of cared for my own grandmother, who passed three yrs ago at the age of 105, with dementia and Alzheimer's and somewhat my mother now , has given me a greater compassion and consideration for those I care for and their families because I know from personal experience that it can get overwhelming for family members who care, love their elderly and want to keep them at home close to people who truly want the best care for them. I am a mother of six children therefore I not only have the skills medically to be a caregiver but I by nature, personal experience am a nurturer and caregiver. I have a four year degree in theology and am a Christian woman that finds this field very rewarding mentally, emotionally and spiritually although physically it can be tiring. Knowing and going home after a days work that I have made a difference in someone's life is not only satisfying but rewarding for a person like me. I care for elderly, children, people with the same compassion, consideration and affection as I do and would want someone else if need to ,to care for my own family member. Some work for a paycheck others, we have a calling for this type of work, Iv obtained my certificate for of taking the course and updating my knowledge on dementia disorder and caring for individuals with dementia, Alzheimer's. Have updated and completed the NATCEP ,Nurse Aid Texas Competency Evaluation Program.coming from a family that has a few members in the medical field, and experience caring for our love ones at home, I believe I'm more than just qualified for a caregiving position, Than you for taking the time reviewing my profile, Sincerely,Rose..