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I have enclosed my resume in response to your Personal Care Assistant. I have over 23 years experience in caring for individual with special needs and I also can assist with accounting and bookkeeping. My older sister was born deaf and our family learned sign language with her. I lived with my Aunt who has no left knee cap and has a lot of medical problems, since the age of 15 when she got injured in a school yard accident. I am also assisting my father-in-law who is an amputee. I have been involved with filing government and grant paperwork for them as well as some of my tax clients. We believe that a handicap person has the rights and privileges that everyone else has in life and that they have a unique way of accomplishing their mission. In addition, I have working knowledge of Spanish and speak American Sign Language. I strongly believe that my professional and personal experience in life can be a tremendous benefit to the individuals in your program. I have worked with a Certified Accounting Practice, Certified Financial Planning Firm, various Non-Profits, Restaurants, Trucking, Plumbing, Nursing, Correctional Officer, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Military, Governmental Employees, Construction and Automotive Industries. In addition, I have agricultural accounting dealing with Cattle, Horses, and organic farming (including trees and vegetation). Please call me at (845) 292-3102 to explore how I can be a major asset to your organization. Thank you for