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My original experience as a Caregiver was as a Nanny for 2 boys. It was great teaching and learning from them. The same is true for older people. For over 8 years I was a book group leader at Bristol Glen, an assisted living facility. I enjoyed it because the group not only discussed the books but also their lives and history. I learned a great deal from them. Being a caregiver is suited to my personality. I'm patient, caring, gentle, an excellent listener with a great sense of humor and communicate well. When my mother was dying, I helped care for her. While it was sometimes difficult, it gave me the opportunity to help someone who needed it. In caring for my mother, I realized there were not many good options caring for an older person who wanted to stay in their own home. My whole career has been built on helping others either by caring for children and my mother or by helping others with computer questions and issues. The book I am writing is my proudest achievement. While it has not been published yet, I hope it will be once I have completed it. I have lived in New Jersey most of my life except when I went to college. I grew up in a small town in NJ. I love animals of all kinds. I recently had to put Milo, my silly yellow labrador/bassett hound mix, to sleep because he had pancreatic and throat cancer and was suffering. I have a degree in English Literature. After college, I attended The Sheffield School for Nannies (It is now defunct.) I was then a nanny for three