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I became a care giver at the age of 18 because I needed a job in my local town, once I started in this profession I became more and more infatuated with it. Therefore, I have chosen to be care giver for more than 30yrs. In this time frame I have accelerated my education by becoming a Nurse Delegate and going to Everest Tech where I received a diploma as a medical assistant. I have learned so much in this time, however no one can know every thing, my Papa says a person must strive to learn some thing new every day so, I try my best. I have continued in this particular line of work because, my heart goes out to those who are in need whether it be in companionship or personal care. I strive to help them remember the old days, family, fun things they have done, where they grew up and compare with them how things are today. If I am on shift I do my best to give each person some quality time I think that is very important to a person no one likes to feel like they are just another body; I compliment all, give hugs, and listen if someone is sad. I am known as the Hummer at work, I hum through the whole shift, sometimes a resident/ client will tell me I am humming a certain child hood song and start singing it for me, they will ask me why I hum I say its a warning (if I am not humming I am in a bad mood) they laugh an say you must be happy all the time, I say yep when I'm here with you I am happy.

Skills & Certifications: Nursing Assistant Certification

I am 22 . Very out going and friendly. I love in home care it gives a whole new meaning to helping people and you actually get to know the client which I really enjoy. Previous to caregiving I was working childcare and I thought about a more meaning in life to help people in need and so I got my cna license and have enjoyed helping people in need ever since. I have been a CNA for 2 years now. I love being able to cook and talk and hear about my clients experiences in life and to be able to help people personally in whatever kind of help they need. I have my food handlers permit. I have also taken the nurse delegation course and passed so able to administer mediation once a nurse delegates the task to me. I've had a few experiences myself with what also got my into healthcare. My uncle's health has been declining and he was needing assistance so I would stay a few weeks at a time help him out around his house, and with his daily care of needs. I still go often to visit him and now he has a very good caregiver helping him. Another experience for me was when my mom had hip surgery so she was needing help to rehabilitate to walking but in the mean time she wasn't able to walk, bathe toilet herself, so I was around helping her with the daily needs she needed and doing that work just made me realize that is something I want to do as a career because seeing someone else be happy and comfortable makes me feel good about helping others.

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)