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I love caring for others. I am reliable, compassionate, and loyal to all of my clients. I believe in giving my all to the ones I care for, and it is the most rewarding thing I do in my life. I truly care about my clients and their needs. I am very dedicated, meticulous, goal oriented, positive, and hard working. My word is my honor. I am very caring and loving to all. My motto... Just be love. I am often told by people, I am the most patient person they have ever met. I just treat others how I would want to be treated, and how I would want my loved ones to be treated. I love to help people, lift their spirits, and bring them joy. I have lots of experience in what I do. I have been a caregiver for many year and efficiency is a must for me. I cook, shop, clean, bathe, run errands, and I will take you on outings wherever you want to go, whether it is for business, or just for fun. Whatever you need I do my best to fulfill. I aim to please. I have helped many elderly people get back on their feet after surgeries and illness. I had one client that was given six months to live, and I ended up caring for her for nine years! She just needed TLC! I thoroughly enjoy comfort care also for the elderly. There is nothing more rewarding to me than to make others happy and make their lives better. I live to help and serve others in any way I can. If your looking for an honest, hardworking, and reliable individual I am here for you. God bless and be with you in your venture to find the perfect individual to serve your needs, whether it be for you personally, or for your loved one.