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Hello! My name is Ashley Coppotelli and I have recently relocated to South Florida. I have been a CNA for 4 years now and it is something I greatly enjoy. I hope to continue to do this in the years to come. I first started CNA work right after high school at one of the local hospitals in my area. I then picked up a second CNA job at a long term care facility to further my understanding and experience. What truly made me realize that I was born to do this was a situation I had faced in 2010. The passing of my Grandmother. She was in the hospital and my family and I had gone to visit her. I distinctly remember the way her face lit up as her CNA walked in the door to check on her. We had not seen my Grandma smile in days (which was not like her). But the impact that her aide had on her, I will never forget. And that's when I realized, I want to care for others and make them happy, just like she made my Grandma happy. I am a very patient person with a lot of love to give. I adore the feeling of being needed/wanted. It breaks my heart that my residents can no longer care for themselves, but I am so grateful that I get to be the one that they depend on. I am proud to have come this far in the medical field and hope to continue on, as this is a job that I've never once dreaded going to. *I am familiar with feeding, bathing, dressing, peri care, wound care, diabetic blood sugar checks, ambulation, hip/knee precaution, post operation vitals, orthostatic vitals, the emptying of foley catheters, JP drains, hemovacs, NG tubes, ostomy bags, colostomy bags, post mortem care, unconscious patients, suctioning, dementia, Alzheimer's, paraplegic, quadriplegic, hoyer lifts, sit-to-stand's, hospice (palliative) care, incontinence, gait belts, etc.