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I actually had friends and family who were already working within the healthcare system well before I had ever given any thought to doing it as an occupation. One day, as I was visiting with my grandfather in his hospital room, I met a guy who was sharing with me that he had a sister a couple floors up from my grandfather, who was literally taking her final breaths, and he expressed how he wished he could grant her last dying wish. I asked what that was, and he said, "to hear the song Amazing Grace sang one last time." Touched by his story, I expressed to him how I would be so honored if I could sing it to her! Without hesitating, he said, "absolutely!" By this time, we are boarding the elevator, heading toward his sister's room. He gathers all the family, and we enter. As I began singing, I noticed a calm, peaceful look on her face as she quietly listened to the words of the song...her favorite song! Needless to say, there wasn't a dry eye in the room (including mine). I visited awhile longer before leaving to return to my grandfather's room. I left there feeling changed somehow. I was humbled by the beauty of life through the eyes of a dying soul! It was at this very moment when I knew that this was my calling --- my purpose in life, and I took off like a rocket, and I never looked back! I have six years experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant, but many more years experience as a caregiver and companion prior to becoming certified. I both, enjoy, and love what I do an