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My Nursing Journey started 9 years ago as a regular caregiver. At the time I just needed a job, I enjoyed caring for people in need so I thought this would be perfect! But little did I know working at an assisted living facility had a twist to it. It wasn't until I was placed on the Alziehmers unit my life would flash before my eyes...O-M-Gosh. These residents were literally in a world of their own compared to downstairs in the a.l.f. Their behavior could go from calm to explosive in 2.5 seconds! My eyes could not believe what they were seeing! They'd hit, spit, bite, scream I'm like dude I'm outta here!I'm outta here ! But I said no I'm up for the challenge, I didn't come this far to turn around now! So I got my bearings and channeled thinking way outside of the box. I had to understand their language which was body language and to be empathic enough to put myself in their shoes and treat them as I would like to be treated. For most of the residents they could not speak or give an accurate description as to what they needed but they're expressions and actions always gave a hint as to why there was a behavior present. There could be a need for walks, to engagement, to meds or changing, being thirsty/hunger, becoming ill or just simply listening to their life story a million times ;) to be treated as a person with dignity and not a number. We became family, From then on I desired to further my career and become a CNA . My Nursing journey has allowed me to branch off and even work as a Milieu counselor for children and adults who have Austism. Broadening within this, the path I take is a calling for me not just a job. So if you hire me do know I walk in my calling and love what I do.