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Caring for our seniors is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have, those who walked before us have given so much and made possible the life we all enjoy. I love care-giving to those that would otherwise not be able to do so, the the smile on their faces is overwhelming and makes me feel that I have done my job right. I have always enjoyed helping people, so I know I am doing the right thing. The thing I like best about being a caregiver is meeting new people and providing care-giving services that they can no longer do for themselves. I enjoy the opportunity to impact clients lives and make a difference to them. I appreciate the chance to get to know clients and their families and become an integral part of their lives. I always give 100% and do the best job I can, with no expectations or excuses. I also try to bring a sense of humor to my work I've been known to be quite good at doing so. If I can add a smile or laugh to a client's day, I even enjoy watching their favorite television shows with them, that means a lot to me, I feel that's more rewarding than any paycheck can ever be. It is important to laugh. I always treat my clients as if they were my family and I care, love and protect them. I have been a home caregiver for eight years, I took great care of my grandmother and mother as well. I started a family of my own within this time frame. I am a certified nursing assistant. I have a lot of in home care-giving experience. I love to exercise, hike, bike-riding, cooking and eating healthy. I'm very open minded, love talking with and interacting with my clients, companionship is a great deal to me, I have achieved many goals in my life and learned not set too many at once it prevents the discouraging nature and set backs, one of my favorite goals of completion and success is becoming a health and wellness fitness coach. I live a healthy lifestyle, I love to make a positive difference in people lives.

Skills & Certifications: Medical Assistant (MA), Certified Medication Aide (CMA), Home Care Aide (HCA)

I am a health care professional with about 7 years experience under my belt. I went to Dental Assistant school at 19 years of age and was officially a dental assistant graduate by 20 years of age. I love helping vulnerable and in need clients by slowly getting comfortable and introduced I love using my since of humor. I have been trained on observing challenges and seeing to it what your loved one needs. More background on myself ... I transferred my carrier over to Nurse assisting when my great grandmother passed away in my arms. It was a life changing experience I then gained a special ambition and charisma to help people in the nursing field. I've been a visiting angel I've worked for multiple major assisted living nursing homes all over the skagit county I have references as well for that in hand if needed. I was a manager for a company called Res care friendship disability services in San Diego CA. I obtained most of my skills with Disability clients and mental health specialty training positive behavior support and problem solving ethic due to challenging triggers some of the clients I've worked with that had occurred. I remain positive open minded with providing compassion always as I believe mental health is important when your loved ones are sick and or vulnerable and needing a helping hand and a positive person to exceed intently to the word (help) in their life. I can pass a back ground check and I have obtained my Nurse assistant registration for 5 years in a row. I am still young and can be bubbly and fun. I am a great listener my only intention is to make a better difference and to make light in a dark place