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I became a caregiver because, I am a people person and enjoy helping others. I also enjoy making a difference in other people lives, also I love the difference and impact they make on me. I have a soft spot for the elderly disabled and those in need. There is a certain satisfaction in knowing you do all that it take make sure my patient has a smile on their face, and the loved ones as well. Making sure all the needs are met for all those under my care. I enjoy being a caregiver, I don't see my client as clients. but seek their trust, friendship and most of all companionship. Achievements: My personal achievements that bring me the most pride is making sure that I keep the client as well as their loved ones happy with my work. I have previously succeeded in earning the client and their loved ones that are in the best possible care. I have proven this to myself by the consistent request by family and loved ones for my service to be the only one on my shift for that client. About myself I am 28 I had my first job as a caregiver at 17. I have 4 years experience with the I.H.S.S. program and 1 year in a assisted living facility, Sierra Manor which specialized in Alzheimer and Dementia patients. Within a short time I was promoted to a Med Tech, a position in which I totally fell in love with. I am also a hard working mother of 3 one of which has Autism, which has been a huge blessing in my life to get to be her mother and to get to work with her and my other 2 children. I a