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From the time I was a little girl I always wanted to help people. My mother a sweet warm hearted women was born with a rare condition at the time hyperglycemic leucine sensitive. Which is a rare disorder that caused her to have many seizures due to the fact her body was unable to regulate insulin levels. From this condition she had mental retardation. The medications to help her condition have always been trial and error. I can remember while my father was at work if my mother’s sugar dropped or she began having a seizure knowing to give her orange juice to rise her sugar level.Than when she became stable giving her protein since it’s a long lasting stabilizer. Sometimes if her sugar dropped and wasn’t caught in time she would go into convulsions. I knew to keep her from banging against something and prevent her tough from going back into her throat. Growing up with a mother mentally slower than I was; I was forced to mature fast. I often times was taking care of my mother more than she was taking care of me while my father was gone. But I enjoyed doing it. I love the satisfaction of taking care of others. From then on I always had a high interest in the medical field. I loved science and anatomy. And I often read books on rare conditions such as my mothers. I took my course and become certified as a personal care aide and a home health aide. I have experience taking care of males and females with all different medical problems. I also have administered medication to most o
Ever since I was a little girl I can always remember I always had a connection with the elderly all the neighbors around me were in their 70s and 80s and I would spend my time going to visit them talking to them making sure they were OK and has always done it sense I love to listen to their stories it makes them feel good about themselves to talk to people give me a great sense of pride in helping the elderly with any needs they have so they know they're not alone. I am very patient have a big heart and just truly enjoy being able to give back to the people who really need it and the elderly on the top of the list of people who need help I am very dependable responsible I love the smile on their face when you make them laugh it makes their day right out of high school I think the home health aide course Inc Batavia at gentiva for a couple years after that I went on to Brothers Of Mercy and took their CNA course and I worked at Brothers Of Mercy for over five years once I started having children I was a stay at home mother and I took in my grandmother who had Alzheimer's and dementia and diabetes she lived with us For over 2 1/2 years until she had a major stroke and passed away I've had my own daycare for over four years I also worked at Johnnys Angels taken care of I have an elderly woman with us and I absolutely loved her we had enough time all the time I would bring her to some of my kids sports events to get her out of the house and she loved it .