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My Nursing Journey started 9 years ago as a regular caregiver. At the time I just needed a job, I enjoyed caring for people in need so I thought this would be perfect! But little did I know working at an assisted living facility had a twist to it. It wasn't until I was placed on the Alziehmers unit my life would flash before my eyes...O-M-Gosh. These residents were literally in a world of their own compared to downstairs in the a.l.f. Their behavior could go from calm to explosive in 2.5 seconds! My eyes could not believe what they were seeing! They'd hit, spit, bite, scream I'm like dude I'm outta here!I'm outta here ! But I said no I'm up for the challenge, I didn't come this far to turn around now! So I got my bearings and channeled thinking way outside of the box. I had to understand their language which was body language and to be empathic enough to put myself in their shoes and treat them as I would like to be treated. For most of the residents they could not speak or give an accurate description as to what they needed but they're expressions and actions always gave a hint as to why there was a behavior present. There could be a need for walks, to engagement, to meds or changing, being thirsty/hunger, becoming ill or just simply listening to their life story a million times ;) to be treated as a person with dignity and not a number. We became family, From then on I desired to further my career and become a CNA . My Nursing journey has allowed me to branch off and even work as a Milieu counselor for children and adults who have Austism. Broadening within this, the path I take is a calling for me not just a job. So if you hire me do know I walk in my calling and love what I do.
I would start off by saying I love my job, I love caring and making a difference in people's lives, I mostly care for seniors or children because that is where my heart is and I'm most interested that my clients receive the best care and that all of their needs met in their individual lives. Since 1982, I have cared for many many people with many medical needs and disorders. I have some nursing training I have a large amount of experience and certification as a nursing assistant , six months of LVN training , 5 months of RN training trauma. I have some phlebotomy education I also have worked hand-in-hand with wound care nurses I have worked with hospice closely encare for clients , and I have been a business owner of a senior home care service company . I have enjoyed and consider it an honor to have cared for all my clients. I have recently cared for and with quadriplegic, paraplegic, cancer patients from when they first found out, to when they left this earth. In the past 4 years I have cared for 5 clients with cancer from the day they found out till the end, when they took their last breath. I was there by their side holding their hand and stroking their forehead to make them comfortable in each individual setting. Taking care of people with IVs therapy, I have experience with feeding tubes, I have cared for clients with wound care issues which has been very prevalent in my experiences, I've have experienced COPD Alzheimer's, dementia actually too many things to list. I've enjoyed every client. I've cared for many different situations from the kindness in the sweetest patient to the most ornery hard to deal with client, it's all been a privilege of mine to have been a part of their lives and I look forward to meeting other people who will need my love and care and assistance their daily routine. I look forward to meeting each and every one, of those who is looking for the right fit of quality care for their loved ones. Thank you very much
Senior Care Edit Save 20% on Premium. Use code: APPLE 136x136 Murieal M. Barstow, CA | 42 yrs old 16 years experience Full Time $10-$15/hr BIO My responsibilities include: providing Full and/Assisted care for my patients in the privacy of their home with ADL's such as Hygiene, (bathing, showering, shaving and grooming), washing clothes dishes and linen, light home cleaning, Meal planning, cooking, and feeding, passing medications, record daily activities, report any changes, interact with family members and loved ones by keeping them updated on patients progression as well as changes, providing transportation to and from appointments and outings, and offering a professional/friendly companionship. All other duties as required. Extra care focus involving keeping clients comfortable in their living environment as well as relief from any pain in their bodies that is cleared by doctor and added as a apart of their care plan, using pain management techniques as taught through training as a certified massage therapist. I apply these techniques involving clinical aspect as well as therapeutic methods to suit the individual need. Areas of Expertise: Hospice care, Diabetics, and Alzheimer's and /or Dementia, full or assisted care with ADL's. I also have experience working with Mentally Challenged Adults including assisting low level functioning, or with able you function independently assistance with promoting and influencing independence as well as all ADL'S needed. I am open to work environment, distance, and seeking over night shifts but willing to negotiate hours. I have welcoming, great attitude about being able to assist others in need. I am patient, kind hearted, I work great under pressure, I am compassionate, dependable, I have a take care charge professionalism, I'm patient, responsible and trustworthy.