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Greetings! Welcome to my profile! Thank you for your interest and visit! Are you looking for a competent kind and responsible caregiver? Then look no further! Not only do I possess the above qualities, but I feel I embody what it means to be a caregiver: a true love for people, and the earnest desire to help those in need so that I can make the world a better place! Who better to service than our elderly family? I once worked at a senior living community, and I was immediately and lovingly involved as much as possible. Over time, I saw how little the family members came. I ended up becoming family members to some of these beautiful humans. At the time, I was waiting tables in this community and realized that I was in the wrong profession. My 15 years of restaurant experience had taken me into a senior living community and as a result, I was introduced to my new found love: caring for the elderly. I have so much love to give, and have worked with great zeal to truly understand what it means to be compassionate. To me it isn't something that I have and let go of. To me, compassion is every step. I'm saying this because I want whoever hires me to know that your mother/father/sister/brother/aunt/ uncle/cousin will be in the hands of a new family member. This means: honesty, love, compassion, joy, learning, growth, truth, understanding, listening, personal responsibility, punctuality, professionalism, and humor! I am skilled in communication, problem solving, arts and crafts, writing, cooking, nutrition, fitness, and as a bonus I have been a personal shopper as well as a personal assistant (so I can shop for you, as well as take care of many clerical and organization projects) I am one of a kind, and I would love the opportunity to shine with you and around you! Be well!