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Private Label Home CareWe are thrilled to be featured in a Senior Housing News article by Tom Mullaney on “Why Senior Living Providers are Embracing Private Label Home Care.” This is an important new trend that makes good business sense for seniors and care providers.

The article starts as follows:

Given that the vast majority of people say they want to age at home, some senior housing companies are on a mission to sway popular opinion more toward community living. But that doesn’t mean they see home health strictly as competition—many are looking to add in-home care to their own service lines.

This may sometimes be framed as a “build it or buy it” proposition, but acquiring an existing home care company or building one from scratch are only two of many potential options. Creative senior living companies are finding other ways of increasing their presence in this part of the continuum.

It appears that some major senior housing operators are opting to work with relative newcomers to the home care space; specifically, companies that are leveraging technology to connect caregivers and clients in new ways. One of these companies is CareLinx, which is working with assisted living and independent living operators through an arrangement that the company’s CEO and founder, Sherwin Sheik, describes as “private label” home care.

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