CareLinx Care Liaison EJ sat down for an exclusive interview with CareLinx Caregiver Jose to discuss what it's like being a CareLinx Caregiver and how his skills have helped him provide high-quality care to those he supports. Check out the exclusive interview below!

EJ:  You immigrated from the Philippines. Tell us more about your move and how you became a caregiver?

Jose: I finished nursing school in the Philippines and worked as a nurse there for a couple of years when I met my wife. We moved to New Jersey after the wedding where our family lives. After some time, we chose WA to start our own family. The CareLinx Caregiver job was immediately available to support our living and it was natural for me to take care of other people’s needs.

EJ: You were a nurse in the Philippines. Can you share some examples of how your knowledge and experience benefitted clients?

Jose: I met this new client recently. On the first day I met him, I noticed his legs were swollen. It happened that he was going to meet his doctor on that day. I recommended him to ask the doctor about using compression stockings that will reduce the swelling and improve the blood flow by moving blood up the legs. The doctor prescribed them and now he uses them. I could tell that one of his legs improved immediately. I also helped him to put them on the first week since it is difficult to do for the first time. I was worried that the fluid was seeping out from his legs. I told him to discuss it with the doctor to see if that is an infection. Fortunately, the doctor told him that was not an infection but just excessive fluid seeping out of his tissue. I monitor any changes in his legs and feel at the beginning of my shift.

EJ: It sounds like that your knowledge and expertise impacted your client’s health directly. That client told me that he is very happy to meet you. That is a good example of how you can go beyond expectations.

EJ: Can you describe your day-to-day responsibilities of a CareLinx Caregiver?

Jose: I greet them and ask them how they are and what they want me to do on that day. Then I do the routine automatically. The most important thing is the person. I ask if they are ok and what their needs are because sometimes they are hesitant to ask it. I try to make them feel comfortable to tell me the things they can’t do by themselves. Once I talk with them, I assist them with things like showering, making sure their personal care is completed, making the bed, cleaning the dishes, emptying the trash can, and other housekeeping tasks. I always ask them again at the end of the shift if there is anything they want me to do.

EJ: I know most of your clients hire you for an hour and this is all done during that time span, which is very thorough. No wonder why many of your clients are happy with your service and trust you!

EJ: What do you like most about working with Carelinx?

Jose: I have no complaints! They bring me jobs and allow me to focus on the job at hand. It is easy to clock in and out. When there is an issue, the care advisor will talk with the client and find the solution. I appreciate it.

EJ takeaway: 

I met Jose at the independent senior living facility where he works. He knew the staff and many residents. It was so natural for him to take care of the people around him. Later that afternoon, I called the client Jose mentioned in the interview. He was very happy to meet Jose and the compression stocking was very helpful and now he can manage to put them on by himself.

I hope Jose can continue to help and support those in need of care.

November 3, 2020
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