Halloween is just right around the corner and it will look very different this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the usual festive trick-or-treat activities will have to be done safely and from a distance. Even though Halloween will look much different this year, don’t let that stop you from going all out! Check out these fun & safe tips on celebrating Halloween this year with the people you care for: 

Virtual Trick-or-Treat - Create all the fun and hype surrounding Halloween, but virtually! For the seniors you care for they may be distanced from family, friends, and grandchildren and it is crucial to ensure they are still involved in major celebrations like Halloween, but safely. As a caregiver, make an evening out of it! Plan a whole evening of dressing up with your senior and virtually trick-or-treating with their friends and family. Encourage the senior’s family to participate as well, having themselves dress up in costumes and well as any other key family members including grandchildren! Not only are families together, but they are having fun from a safe distance, and hopefully enjoying some sweet candy!

Outdoor activities! - Being indoors and in a large group could lead to the spread of the virus, and it is important to make sure that does not happen. Celebrating outdoors and in a safe, secluded, and distanced area is an amazing way to get your senior out and involved in fun Halloween festivities. Carve pumpkins, have an outdoor costume contest, and/or invite family members to join in on the fun (while doing it safely and ensuring you are following CDC guidelines). 

Movie night! - Halloween is a time of candy, fun costumes, and most importantly scary movies! Plan a day with your senior in decorating the house in fun and scary Halloween decorations! At night, grab your favorites snacks and watch some of your favorite Halloween classics including Halloween, Scream, and/or Beetlejuice. Not interested in scary movies? No worries! Choose from fun and happy movies like Halloweentown, Ghostbusters, and/or Hocus Pocus! Movie night has never been more popular and spending time with the ones you care for will really make their holiday special. 

Even though Halloween will look different this year, the festivities shouldn’t change. As a caregiver, providing some much needed fun can really help make a difference in a senior’s life. Celebrate Halloween this year safely and ensure you are following all the CDC guidelines. Interested in caregiving? Click here to see how you can become a CareLinx caregiver!

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